Mutools LUNA

Mutools has updated both LUNA Free and LUNA Unlimited to pre-release version 7.

LUNA is an ultra-light music application, designed to compose & perform music of different styles and flavors.

Changes in pre-release 7

  • New: Swinged grids: 1/16th Swinged and 1/32th Swinged. Swing Factor is user definable
  • Tuned: Improved support for VST 2.4 plugins
  • Tuned: Improved Level Meters
  • Tuned: Audio Lab: Normalize function accepts Normalize Factor
  • Tuned: Default value for Send Gain = 0.0 dB
  • Tuned: Newly recorded curve sequences now immediately display that curve in Composer
  • Tuned: Uniform function “Remove” for removing a plugin
  • Fixed: Drawing in new events was not always possible on preset grid 1/12th, 1/24th and 1/48th
  • Fixed: OSX: File Browser: Desktop button now does properly work (bis)
  • Fixed: Automated parameters in generic plugin editor did not update their value display
  • Fixed: Crash bug in graphic subsystem
  • Fixed: Crash bug when moving the start locator in the sequence editor
  • Upgraded skin “LooxBenu”

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