Myloops Senses Vol 2

Myloops has announced the release of the Senses Volume 2 soundset by Insight, featuring a collection of 64 presets for the Diva virtual synthesizer by u-he.

Discover the beauty and power of the U-he Diva synth : this Diva Soundset crafted by trance producer Insight (Nick Sazonov) showcases an array of exciting sounds for modern Trance & EDM production. The patches cover a wide range of sounds, from groovy trance basses to plucks, and from lush pads to smooth FX uplifters and downlifters. The soundset contains both replications of sounds from well-known tracks and unique new sounds for your inspiration.

Along with the soundset, we have included the complete demo project for FL Studio, Ableton Live, Cubase and Logic Pro 9, including all the presets, MIDI data and additional FX & sounds heard in the main audio demo below. As if this wasn’t enough, we have also included 5 fully mixed construction kits for FL Studio, Ableton Live, Cubase and Logic Pro 9 (some of which are short covers of well-known tracks).

The soundset costs 29.99 EUR.

More information: Myloops / Senses Vol 2