Native Instruments has some new offers for the Holiday Season. First of all you can download the free TRK-01 PLAY, a bundle of two kick and bass instrument plugins that use engines from the innovative TRK-01 bass synth.

TRK-01 KICK is a blendable dual-layer kick drum engine, with synth-based and sampled kicks, plus multiple modulation options. TRK-01 BASS offers no less than five synth engines, letting you craft exactly the bass you need. Together, as TRK-01 PLAY, they provide a strong foundation for any track.

The controls of TRK-01 PLAY are optimized for playability, offering smooth operation and a wide range of sweet spots. Different modes for sections like TRK-01 KICK’s layers or TRK-01 BASS’s oscillator allow you to completely change the character of the sound in an instant.

TRK-01 PLAY runs on version 6.2.2 of the free Reaktor 6 Player or Reaktor 6. It will only be available as a free download until January 7th, 2019.

Native Instruments is also giving you a 25 USD/EUR e-voucher so you can treat yourself to some new sounds, instruments, or effects for the holidays. This year’s voucher code is HOLIDAYS2018.

Furthermore, you have the chance to supercharge the start of your year with a huge production and performance prize. One lucky person will win a copy of Komplete 12 Ultimate Collector’S Edition, a Komplete Kontrol S49, a Maschine Mikro, and the new Traktor Kontrol S4.

More information: Native Instruments