New Sonic Arts has released an update to its Freestyle VST host software for Windows and Mac.

Split, layer and combine your VST instruments and FX to explore vast new sound design possibilities. Freestyle integrates perfectly with your DAW, running as either a VST or AudioUnit plugin.

Transform your laptop into a powerful keyboard workstation. Perform with Macro Controls, and navigate your set mouse-free with the Snapshot list.

Changes in Freestyle v1.19

  • Mixer: Added Solo functionality (right/cmd-click on power buttons to enter, see documentation for more info).
  • EventPlayer: enabling Events Thru switch now auto-disables other players (click with shift to bypass).
  • EventPlayer: new notes are created with last used velocity.
  • FileBrowser: load logic improvements, now auto-selects most relevant module for destination.
  • VST hosting: plugin windows state preserved when exchanging presets.
  • PluginBrowser: can double click items in plugin browser to open.
  • Can navigate menus via keyboard shortcuts (arrow keys, first letter of item).
  • Some startup and performance optimizations.
  • VST hosting: plugin window layering fixes (with respect to child windows).
  • EventPlayer: fixed bug with timeline display.
  • OSX: modifier keys (shift etc) could get stuck.
  • Various other misc fixes.

Freestyle (VST/AU/Standalone) is available for 129 EUR. It is also available in the Freestyle Suite, including Granite, Nuance and Vice. The bundle is 229 EUR (regular 426 EUR).

More information: New Sonic Arts