Noise Engineering has announced availability of Seca Ruina, a multiband distortion and VCA module with extensive CV control, as part of its Distortion-of-the-Month series.

Seca Ruina takes voltage-controlled distortion in a new direction. Like a classic 3-band EQ, Seca Ruina has knob and CV control over low shelf, high shelf, and mid notch. However, instead of just changing the volume of each frequency band, it runs each through a separate drive circuit to give sounds completely new tones.

Multiband distortion and processing is somewhat unexplored territory in Eurorack, and Seca Ruina ’s separate band outs make further mangling easy, too. Combine Seca Ruina with multiple CV inputs to make it really shine! Seca Ruina also features a bypassable output VCA. Pair it with an envelope and you have a characterful way to control the dynamics of an oscillator or completely reshape a sound.

Seca Ruina ’s thorough CV control, gorgeous multiband drive, extensive outputs, and small 6-hp footprint make it a no-brainer for any system, big or small.

Seca Ruina is in stock and available now, priced at $180 USD.

More information: Noise Engineering

Noise Engineering Seca Ruina