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Noise Engineering Univer Inter Virt Iter Desmodus Versio

Noise Engineering announces Univer Inter, Virt Iter & Desmodus Versio Eurorack modules

Noise Engineering is showing three new Eurorack modules at this year's NAMM Show. Univer Inter is a completely customizable MIDI-to-CV interface. It includes USB MIDI,...
Noise Engineering Pura Ruina rig

Noise Engineering announces Pura Ruina multiband distortion/VCA

Noise Engineering has announced availability of its new Pura Ruina, a multiband FWR distortion with extensive CV control. Pura Ruina is the final module in...
Noise Engineering Seca Ruina feat

Noise Engineering announces new Seca Ruina multiband distortion/VCA

Noise Engineering has announced availability of Seca Ruina, a multiband distortion and VCA module with extensive CV control, as part of its Distortion-of-the-Month series. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-DVeb9uaMs Seca...
Noise Engineering CV modules

Noise Engineering announces new pitch-CV utilities: Quant Gemi, Quantus Pax, & Vox Digitalis

Noise Engineering has announced a new series of pitch-oriented CV generators and processors. Quant Gemi is a quad-octave switch and buffered mult. Quantus Pax is...
Noise Engineering Viol Ruina feat

Noise Engineering announces Viol Ruina filter/distortion module

Noise Engineering has announced the third release in its Ruina line of Eurorack distortion modules. Viol Ruina is an all-analog resonant 24dB lowpass filter with...
Noise Engineering Kith Ruina, Cursus Iteritas Magnus

Noise Engineering announces Kith Ruina distortion module, two large-format modules

Noise Engineering has announce the availability of the newest addition to its Ruina line of distortion modules and two contrasting oscillators for the 5U...

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