Eurorack manufacturer Noise Engineering has returned with a new bundle of plugins that sound unlike anything in your current software music-production arsenal.

Following the free Freequel pack and the Bundle 1 collection earlier this year, Bundle 2 contains 3 new plugins based on its modular products, bringing more unique and flexible sounds and synthesis techniques.

Noise Engineering has shied away from making emulations: the Eurorack modules themselves are digital, so the plugins run slightly modified versions of the same core code (in the case of Imitor, more modified than the others, perhaps). All three plugins in this bundle are incredibly versatile and can find a home on almost any track.

Bundle 2 includes two synths and an effect.

Loquelic Vereor is based on the module Loquelic Iteritas Percido. It’s built around interpretations of three classic synthesis algorithms (VOSIM, summation synthesis, and phase modulation) parameterized onto a complex-oscillator structure with two pitch and four tone controls to help it cut through any mix.

Manis Iteritas is based on the module of the same name; tough and hard-hitting or sparkly and pretty, this is a shapeshifting synth. Elana Carroll, the Destroyer of Worlds at Noise Engineering (who also performs as Party Nails), clearly likes them. Her take was that “Between Manis and Loquelic you can take care of essentially all of your sound needs. It’s a little unfair.”

Imitor is a remarkably versatile multitap delay that can do all your standard delay duties, but also begs you to experiment with it. Based on Imitor Versio, the effects platform module, Imitor required the most tweaks. It went from 12 to 32 taps and, with the interface afforded by the plugin version, the team added tons of control to allow you to shape your delays. Noise Engineering Chief of Destruction Markus Cancilla called Imitor “the most controllable and immediate delay plugin I’ve ever used. It’s so easy to dial in exactly what kind of echo I want, then use the timbral controls to give it some attitude.”

Concurrent with the launch of Plugin Bundle 2, Noise Engineering has also released updates to Freequel and Plugin Bundle 1, including:

  • MPE support.
  • Tooltips.
  • A Random modulator that can be enabled to add a little variation or humanization.
  • Textural value displays.
  • Velocity Off modulation.
  • Continued DSP quality improvements.

Existing customers can update all of their plugins for free by downloading the latest installer, which has been streamlined for an easier customer experience.

Bundle 2 for Windows and Mac (VST3, AU and AAX) is available to purchase for $119 USD, with individual plugins also sold separately for $49 USD each.

More information: Noise Engineering