Noise Engineering has announced the addition of new gate/trigger delay and 4-channel envelope Eurorack modules.

Jam Jam is a versatile and fun trigger-and-gate processor with 4 individually adjustable and CV-able channels. The 3 modes pack incredible functionality into the tiny 6HP package:

  • Random mode turns the module into four individually adjustable probability processors, great for adding variety to a patch.
  • In Clock Phase mode, the module adjusts incoming clock phase based on clock period. Use this to adjust sequencer timing or to create sequences that drift out of sync and then back in with CV.
  • Use Gate Delay mode as a simple trigger delay to help keep things in sync in your patch or for creative patching: dial in shifts in the timing of events from sub-millisecond adjustments to huge delays of over 15 seconds.

Quantus Trajecta is a quad envelope designed with polyphony in mind. The envelope structure takes the functionality from Noise Engineering’s Loquelic and Cursus Iteritas Percido modules, and adds even more control and mode options like ADSR and Tremolo, which adds an LFO with Rate and Wub controls.

Each parameter is CV controllable, and each control universally adjusts all four envelopes for easy polyphonic tracking. Quantus Trajecta is performable, musical, and most importantly, fun.

Jam Jam and Quantus Trajecta are available in black and sliver, priced $240 USD and $280 USD (MSRP), respectively.

Additionally, Noise Engineering has introduced panel overlays for the Versio and Legio platforms, which allow users to freely swap between a growing number of firmwares for each module.

Enter the new panel overlays: they fit right over the existing panel, no need to remove knobs! Hot swap to your heart’s content with these impact acrylic, laser-etched panels, available in silver with black text or black with white text.

Individual panels are available for $16 USD each, with discounted multipacks (one of each panel) starting from $36 USD.

More information: Noise Engineering