Norand has announced the availability of a complex analog VCO in Eurorack format. Featuring 3D morphing and contextual modulation, Morphos‘ preset strips are groups of 4 specially developed FSR sensors that can precisely detect vertical, horizontal and pressure information from the pressure distribution of your finger. 3D morphing allows you to create new soundscapes by morphing between multiple user presets in three dimensions.

The two all-analogue, digitally controlled Oscillators provide pure harmonics, four waveform types on a continuously variable potentiometer and extremely stable TZFM (Through-zero frequency modulation). Moreover, thanks to its digital brain, an active calibration system allows it to track over 10 octaves, even at a high TZFM ratio.

Morphos inherits NORAND Mono’s Contextual Modulation technology, adapted for the modular world. It is possible to modulate every parameter under CV. The module provides 3 Modulation Modes – Attenuverter, Modulator and Ping Envelope – allowing you to modulate timbre and create drum sounds.

Morphos features

  • Each oscillator has a touch-sensitive strip of 4 presets.
  • You can morph adjacent presets with your finger.
  • Enter 3D Morphing mode to morph between layers.
  • There are three layers – X, Y and Z – of 4 presets each.
  • You have 48 user presets to morph between.
  • Automate and sequence your morphing with CV.
  • To modulate any parameter, simply tap the button related to its CV input.
  • Extremely stable TZFM (Through-zero frequency modulation) analogue oscillators.

The Morphos is available to purchase for 429 EUR incl. VAT (MSRP).

More information: Norand