Norbert Stellberg has released version 11 of Live-Styler, a software which offers you the ability to play musical styles created for Yamaha PSR musical instruments via MIDI.

Play up to eight instruments at the same time with up to five soundcards. The latest version is a VST host as well, enabling you to load and play heaps of plugins. The program is dedicated to real-time live performance with a MIDI keyboard connected to PC; a connectivity enjoyed by auto accompaniment PSR keyboards.

Changes in Live-Styler 11

  • New languages: Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian.
  • New setup entry: Setup => Settings 2 (B) => Velocities (c) => 1 [ ] Swell changed “Overall Trackbar”.
  • Keydef.ini for Keycontrol enhanced. 500 entries are now possible. New entries: 298, 299, 300, 301, 302 for loading Scale File, 303 up to 314 for setting Root Note C to H.
  • Scaling: This new tool allows for creating a table with different notes.
  • Live-Styler completely sizable: Setup => Settings 2 (B) => b) any design (including switching the Screen keyboard from horizontal to vertical).
  • All extern Live-Styler windows are now magnetic (windows snap into the nearest Live-Styler window)
  • New Menu Entry: Show PDF Viewer, a database with MusicBook PDFs.
  • Live-Styler and FluidSynth. Live-Styler can now use Fluidsynth, allowing 4 soundfonts: 1 for drum, 1 for melody, 1 for R1..R8, 1 for MIDI.
  • You can start the Live-Styler after installation without any setup (besides Midi Input).

Live-Styler 11 is available for Windows PC for 30 EUR.

More information: Live-Styler