NuBi LE freeware drawbar organ VSTi

NuBi LE has been updated to version 1.8. NuBi LE is a freeware drawbar organ clone with pure-virtual tonewheels.

Updated v1.0 -> v1.8

  • Not responding properly to MIDI program change messages
  • Revise parameter setting code
  • Program changes not “completed” in hosts that issued AllNotesOff before issuing a program change message
  • “NuBiLE” reported as “ToneWhls”
  • Add OutTrim Config Item
  • Alternate MIDI channel input not handled correctly
  • Changes to Presets were not reflected when project was saved
  • The tuning CC (06) was being used improperly – it is now disabled
  • “ToneWhls” was displayed in the mixer – even for NuBi LE
  • revise GUI with new control elements
  • add CCMap.JPG to distribution ( MIDI CC# map over GUI image )
  • revise mix control for smoother transition to mid point

For more information and a link to download NuBi LE visit If you donate $22 or more you will receive the latest copy of Spinner (a two-band rotary chorus VST effect) for free.