Nuendo 3.2 Control Room

Steinberg has updated Nuendo to version

Nuendo now includes a unique new Control Room bussing and monitoring system. Version 3.2. offers a complex yet flexible new bus system that allows separate mixes to be created for headphones, control room and up to four studios.

The Nuendo 3.2 Control Room features are augmented by a range of other capabilities indispensable in professional studio work. Monitoring setup selection including Foldback, external audio source handling and up to four separate studio mixes with integrated Talkback are among the new features that offer unprecedented flexibility for engineers and producers working in a software-based production environment.

Nuendo 3.2 also offers even tighter integration and enhanced functionality with hardware control surfaces. All the Control Functions now available in Nuendo 3.2 are mirrored in hardware in the WK Audio ID Controller, a dedicated Nuendo control surface co-engineered by Steinberg. Nuendo 3.2 also enhances support for the famed Euphonix MC and System-5 MC control surfaces.

Check Nuendo’s version history for a comprehensive list of new features and fixes, or visit the Nuendo product page.