NUGEN Audio has released an update to the SigMod effect plugin that features 12 single-process modules to enhance your plugins and DAW.

Version is a maintenance release which includes a VST3 shutdown fix to prevent crashes with Waves Shell plug-ins.

NUGEN Audio SigMod

Instantly enhance the functionality of your plug-ins and DAW with twelve different signal modification units. Explore new creative possibilities and quickly add missing features. Each module can easily be inserted, swapped and moved around making new options to correct, convert or tweak your audio.

SigMod contains many useful, creative functions which are otherwise difficult to engage. Combine these single-process modules in any order to design the precise routing you require. Auto-resizing keeps the signal flow and functionality clear at all times.

Changes in SigMod v1.1.3.2

  • Added popup to indicate when bus cannot be correctly allocated.
  • Additional logging to help detect issues with 3rd party VST3s.
  • VST3 shutdown fix to prevent crashes with Waves Shell plug-ins.
  • Removed grey out issue.

The update is now available to SigMod users for free. New users can purchase SigMod for $49 USD from NUGEN Audio and its distributor Plugin Boutique.

The demo period has been re-set for those wishing to re-try the software.