OhMy! Bytes has announced two new dedicated MIDI controllers for Fabfilter’s Pro-Q, Pro-C and Pro-L plugins.

OhMy! Bytes Hickory Dickory desktop

As musicians and tech nerds we’ve always had the feeling that musician needs and musical industry solutions often go over different paths. This together with our obsession for the DIY world has encouraged us to make our own gear and gadgets for stage or studio.

Hickory and Dickory are MIDI controllers that aim to deal with plugin parameters in a comfortable and customized way, improving the workflow.

Both controllers have a specific and unique design for working with FabFilter’s plugins, but you can also use them with any other MIDI compatible plugin or device.

The potentiometers (not encoders) are momentary-push type so they can have double functionality. Both controllers can deliver Control Change and NRPN MIDI messages, and OhMy! Bytes is working on a firmware update to make them Open Sound Control (OSC) ready as well.

Both controllers come in rack format, but a desktop stand solution is also available.

Hickory and Dickory will be available for sale within the next few weeks, priced at 249 EUR per unit including worldwide shipping.

More information: OhMy! Bytes