Overloud has launched RELive, the first live venues IR library for the REmatrix convolution reverb plugin.

A collaboration with Morevox, the expansion allows you to add a live vibe to your studio recordings, with 120 IRs and 300 presets.

In the summer of 2018, Overloud followed the Prisoner 709 Caparezza tour, capturing the IRs of 24 different live venues along the way. Some of the venues were located in historical Italian squares, other near the seaside or close to the mountains, with each of them offering an unprecedented sound.

The stages were equipped with a dBTechnologies VIO L212 PA System, and the IRs have been captured at the same volume as the night shows.

RELive includes the REmatrix player plugin, which allows you to load any IR and preset incorporated into the library.

RELive costs $79 USD, but you can pick it up for the intro price of $49 USD until November 18th.

More information: Overloud RELive