Impact Soundworks has announced that the introductory on its new Pedal Steel virtual instrument for Kontakt Player ends soon.

Pedal Steel makes it easy to write and perform beautiful harmonized melodies in just a single track.

Pedal Steel is our newest virtual instrument, capturing the signature sound of… a pedal steel guitar, of course! This library focuses on easy playability, with automatic glides + vibrato available, plus an innovative way to generate harmonies in just a single track.

In the 5 minute tutorial above, you’ll learn exactly how the harmonization mode works. As you’ll see, it’s faster than overdubbing MIDI parts, and doesn’t require constant keyswitching or automation for great results.

This guitar is best known for country and Hawaiian music, but it’s also great for jazz, blues, folk, and even soundtracks.

Pedal Steel features:

  • Three adjustable channels: DI and two amps.
  • Per-string, per-fret sampling and up to 9x RR per note.
  • Beautiful variable-speed glides (legato).
  • Harmonization Editor to create custom voicings.
  • Customizable key ‘touch’, microtuning + more.
  • CONSOLE: Modular FX rack & mixer with 30 modules and 5 channels.

You can get Pedal Steel for Kontakt Player at the the intro price of $149 USD (MSRP $199 USD) until July 7th.

More information: Impact Soundworks