Pettinhouse updates DirectGuitar to v2.1

Pettinhouse DirectGuitar 2.1

Pettinhouse has released version 2.1 of DirectGuitar, an innovative 9Gb electric guitar sample library for NI Kontakt 2-3 direct recorded for amp simulator.

DirectGuitar 2.1 introduces three new articulations:

  1. Harmonics.
  2. Tapping Maj scale.
  3. Unison Bends.

DirectGuitar 2.1 is available now for $119 USD / 76 EUR. The upgrade is available for free for DirectGuitar 2.0 owners.

DirectGuitar FREE, a reduced but full version (MID + NECK pickup) is available for download.

Visit Pettinhouse for more information and audio demos.

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ok, just like prominy DI guitar, this sounds like complete total ass. in fact, i have yet to hear a DI guitar/bass that sounds even halfway decent, they all sound like complete total ass.

i know all you sample library makers want to get product out the door as quickly as possible, but please STOP THE DI SHIT!!! crank up an amp, you lazy motherfuckers and put out something decent or don’t put out anything at all.


spud is an assole ! he knows nothing! i’ve been using prominy lpc guitar for some time & used it in my songs.i say it sounds so realistic & so does direct guitar. but you need to really master the techniques of playing on the keyboard.i bet “spud” got no talent at all! mother fucking prick!!!!