Plughugger has announced the release of Function 360, a laidback sound expansion of 150 new sounds for the u-he Diva virtual analog synthesizer.

The pack has a focus on the three most fundamental waveforms of all synthesizer sounds: sine, triangle and noise.

Plughugger Function 360 for Diva

The concept of the soundset started off with the idea to make a whole collection of sounds based on nothing else but different sine waves from all oscillators in Diva, but we quickly decided to expand the idea to include triangle waveforms – for more harmonically rich sounds and also noise for effects, whooshes and percussive sounds.

The result is an ambient soundset with everything from smooth and dark pads to soft leads and mellow arpeggios. We also added a handful of laidback drum and percussion sounds.

Function 360 features

  • 33 Arpeggios / Sequences.
  • 10 Bass sounds.
  • 14 Drum & Percussion sounds.
  • 32 Lead & Synths.
  • 38 Pad & Synth Strings.
  • 23 Textures and Soundscapes.

Function 360 is the first soundset from Plughugger that is tagged, fully utilizing the new browser introduced with Diva 1.4.3, and is also supporting the Native Instruments NKS format. All other soundsets for Diva will be updated with tags for the new browser during 2018.

Function 360 is available for the intro price of 9.90 EUR until September 30th, 2018. Use coupon code SINEWAVES at checkout to get the discount. The regular price is 14.90 EUR.

More information: Plughugger