Plugin Alliance has introduced a new audio plugin that emulates the tonal coloration hardware unit designed by world renowned mastering engineer Maor Appelbaum and acclaimed analog hardware designer Chris Henderson.

From subtle hi-fi enhancement to aggressive drive, The Oven aims to add warmth, size, depth, color and sizzle to your tracks.

Made by BX, the first plugin from world-renowned mastering engineer Maor Appelbaum and Hendyamps, is not a typical EQ or saturator. It’s a colorful “Mojo Box” designed to “Cook, Bake & Broil” any sound source, whether an individual track, stem, group, mixbuss or mastering chain. From subtle hi-fi enhancement to aggressive drive, it will add warmth, size, depth, color and sizzle to your tracks.

The Oven features

  • Emulation of the Mastering Grade Mojo Box THE OVEN, endorsed by Maor Appelbaum & Hendyamps.
  • Immediately add Warmth, Size, Depth, Mojo, Vibe, Color, Saturation and Sizzle to your tracks with fun and intuitive controls.
  • Use the COOK knob to add tube color, adjusting the tube’s voicing with BAKE/BROIL and its intensity and drive mode with ELEC/GAS.
  • Twist the three BURNERS for frequency specific saturation, and adjust their BURN TYPE to switch between carefully curated frequency ranges.
  • Add Upper range SIZZLE or kick the high burner in BUNSEN mode for extra presence that will open up more detail.
  • Increase the color and drive by turning up the TEMP.
  • Brainworx ́ TMT inside: Tolerance Modeling Technology (TMT, US Patent No. 10,725,727) simulates channel-to-channel variances in electronic components for the most realistic analog sound in the box.
  • Mono-Maker – sums your low-frequency content to mono, giving you focused, punchy bass response.
  • Stereo Width – to expand the stereo width of your tracks.
  • Separate Mono Version – for using individual tracks such Kick Drum, Snare, Bass, Vocals, etc.
  • Scalable User Interface.
  • Artist Presets from Bob Horn, Chris Henderson, Kane Churko, Yoran Vazan, Jordan Stillwell, Geoff Swan and Maor Appelbaum.

The Oven is on sale for the intro price of $99.99 USD for a limited time (regular $349 USD). The plugin is also added to all MEGA bundles at no extra cost, and it is also available for existing FOREVER 29 users.

More information: Plugin Alliance