Resonance Sound has introduced a new sample pack named after a former Berlin airport. Tempelhof Techno features a collection of over 280 loops and one shots, alongside 100 MIDI files.

Ready for takeoff, so get off your seats! Beware, you may find yourself destroying your tray table while dancing to Resonance Sound Tempelhof Techno! This all-new sound arsenal is named after the former Berlin airport and just makes sure the club gets as turbulent as do some flights.

Deep pounding basses, melodic basslines, and dancefloor-smashing techno kicks are in this one for starters. That wonderful and groovy percussion, a couple of well-served drum loops, pristine synths, and pads have been freshly grown and are ripe to be put together in your DAW and next tune. Of note, 100 MIDIs are included to get you started and beyond with basslines and melodies.

The sample pack is available to purchase for 24.95 EUR incl. VAT.

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