PluginGuru has released the Repro Power Pack, a soundset featuring a collection 128 fresh sounds for the Repro-1 and Repro-5 virtual analog synthesizer instruments by u-he.

PluginGuru Repro Power Pack

This excellent pack by John Lehmkuhl is said to be aimed at many genres, offering incredible flexibility and inspiration dripping from every patch.

128 Patches of Yummy Analog Inspiration – 64 patches for Repro-1 (monophonic with an awesome step sequencer) and 64 patches for Repro-5 (8 voice polyphonic with MASSIVE Unison capabilities) in a single Power Pack. This adds SO MUCH inspiration that it’s almost not fair!

You’ll find a ton of basic but totally useful patches that were missing from the factory voicing plus another TON of New Cutting Edge patches for everything from EDM to Filmscores, Retro Disco to hard-hitting TB3030 acid lines. Your investment in Repro will only go up by adding these patches to the plug-in!

The Repro Power Pack is on sale for $20 USD until February 1st (regular $23.53 USD).

More information: PluginGuru