PlugInGuru Omniverse II

PlugInGuru has launched Omniverse II: A Dark Hope, a soundset for the Omnisphere virtual instrument from Spectrasonics.

PlugInGuru is very happy to release a new library for Omnisphere – the first one was such a hit with everyone and so many people asked for more patches…. so here they are!!

The library is called Omniverse because of its versatility.

Omniverse II features

  • 100 Patches ranging from epic droning synth basses to BPM Pulsing pads to Guitar + Pads to even amazing acoustic piano patches that have a unique character to them like you’ve never heard before.
  • 50 Effect “Rack” Presets that you can easily apply to any patch to transform it to sound different in exciting and inspiring ways!
  • Compared to the original Omniverse, this library is darker, more somber, more EPIC and many of the patches are more playable. The Acoustic Grand Piano and guitar/pad programs are truly beautiful and equivilent versions simply don’t exist in the factory voicing.

The soundset is available to purchase for $30 USD.

More information: PlugInGuru / Omniverse II