Plugmon has released a collection of presets for the Hive 2 software synthesizer by u-he.

Analog Anthem features original UHM Wavetables, inspired by 10 iconic synths: Mini D, Mini Voyager, Oberton, Oberboss, Jupitron, Juna, Professor V, Professor I, K-20, Nanologue.

UHM(U-He Math) is the wavetable scripting language developed by u-he, introduced in 2018. UHM can generate very high quality wavetables expressed by math and logical formula. With its ability of very fine tuning, we replicated the analog vibes as much as possible.

All wavetables in the sounsdet are multi-framed (256 frames), allowing for smooth morphing between waveforms. Analog Anthem includes 212 tagged presets with mod-wheel / aftertouch assignments.

  • 61 Basses.
  • 36 Mono Leads.
  • 19 Poly Leads.
  • 40 Pads.
  • 39 Keys.
  • 17 Sequences.

Analog Anthem for Hive 2.1 is available for the introductory price of $15 USD for a limited time (regular $31 USD).

More information: Plugmon