Spitfire Audio has announced the release of a new sound library that delivers an intricate layering of all-new extended string techniques imitating classic synths sounds, brought together with synths and tape resampling to create dense and provoking new timbres, creating a widescreen cinematic sound world.

From the mind of Grammy-nominated composer, electronic music pioneer and technologist Brian Transeau, AKA BT, Polaris is a mesmerising aural innovation which tastefully pairs the worlds of synthesis and orchestra, an encyclopaedia of new and inspiring sounds with almost endless possibilities, perfect for taking your scores into 2022 and beyond.

Massive multi-layers of complex yet accessible organic string orchestral recordings, resampled using an array of classic and rare synthesisers (Fairlight, EMU E-II and more), a cosmic collection of new string techniques has been specifically orchestrated to emulate electronic music production techniques. This sophisticated and eclectic sound library, performed by London’s top tier contemporary players at renowned AIR Lyndhurst Hall, captures the future of blockbuster scoring.

Polaris features

  • A modern string orchestra imitating classic synth sounds.
  • A massive multi-layering of complex synth sounds made accessible.
  • Endless customisation sounds using eDNA engine.
  • All-new Granular Engine for further sonic discovery.
  • 129 articulations, including:
    • 94 articulations including the original string performances.
    • 35 layered ‘Synergy’ patches for use in the eDNA engine.
  • 421 presets created by BT himself and the Spitfire Team.
  • 54 noise sources recorded by BT.

Polaris is available as an plugin for Windows and Mac (VST/VST3, AU, AAX and NKS), on sale at the intro price of £229 GBP or 269 USD/EUR until April 28th, 2022 (regular £299 GBP or 349 USD/EUR). Prices incl. VAT where applicable.

Owners of BT Phobos can purchase Polaris for £199 GBP or 229 USD/EUR during the promotion.

More information: Spitfire Audio