IK Multimedia has announced a limited time promotion on its T-RackS tape processors, offering over 80% off on the T-RackS Power Reels Collection Krazy Deal.

We’ve combined two tape-based delays and four tape machines into one Power Reels Collection.

The allure of tape machines is easy to understand – the iconic character is part of the sonic signature of so many of the greatest songs ever recorded. And now you can get six incredible tape machine recreations at once, for one low price.

The T-RackS Power Reels Collection includes:

  • Space Delay: Tape echo offers a unique sonic signature, and perhaps no unit offers a more recognizable sound than the Roland® RE-201 Space Echo™. Now you can enjoy the endlessly flexible controls and the instantly recognizable organic sound of this classic delay unit.
  • Tape Echo: The Tape Echo is a faithful recreation of the highly sought-after Echoplex EP3 tape delay. The original unit made its appearance in 1969 and was immediately adopted by musicians and guitar players as the standard for delay effects.
  • 4 Iconic Analog Tape Machines: The Power Reels Collection gives you the true sound of four classic tape machines: Ampex 440B, Studer A80 Mk II, Revox PR99 Mk II, and Sony MCI JH24, each one adding its own unique warmth and character to digital tracks through a careful mix of convolution and physical modeling.

The bundle is on sale for 99.99 USD/EUR until April 27th, 2021.

More information: IK Multimedia