Precisionsound Finnish Concert Kantele

Precisionsound has introduced the Finnish Concert Kantele, a sample library for Kontakt, EXS24 & HALion.

The sound of the Kantele is unique and useful in many music genres, both for strumming and arpeggio style playing and melodies.

Finnish Concert Kantele features

  • 36 stringed (A#0 to A#5) concert Kantele recorded in stereo in 4 velocity layers and 4 round robin layers per velocity layer.
  • 3 types of articulations/picking styles: Sustained (4 velocity layers, 4 round robin layers), Damped (4 velocity layers, 4 round robin layers), Sticks (1 velocity layer, 2 round robin layers).
  • The tonal range of the programs is B0-C6.
  • All 1160 stereo samples were recorded at 24 bits, and 44.1 sample rate. The total size of the library uncompressed is 2.56GB.
  • Includes 9 programs for HALion 1.11 and above, 12 programs for Kontakt 2, 1 scripted program for Kontakt 3 and above, 13 programs for EXS24.
  • Note: Kontakt 3 or higher full version is required for the scripted version. For the non scripted Kontakt programs, the full version of Kontakt 2 is required. Finnish Concert Kantele will not work with the free Kontakt Player.

Finnish Concert Kantele (includes all formats) is available to purchase as a download for $69 USD, or on DVD for $80 USD.

More information: Precisionsound / Finnish Concert Kantele