Prime Loops SFX Producer

Prime Loops has introduced SFX Producer, a new bundle deal featuring 2.2GB+ of sound fx samples.

Productions sounding a little unexciting? Coming fresh from the Prime Loops lab we prescribe our BIGGEST Bundle Deal yet – SFX Producer!

Mixing together 6(!) of our most extreme SFX sample packs, you’ll find all the production ammunition you need in the form of monstrous risers, dramatic stabs, massive explosions, glitched out beeps and so much more!

SFX Producer Bundle features

  • Industrial SFX – Over 240 pulverising, white-hot industrial sounds including 45 FX loops and an oversized shipment of 201 one-shots delivered in crude, rough-and-ready form!
  • Dubstep SFX – Over 150 cutting-edge Dubstep SFX samples, featuring Filter Sweeps, Impacts, Electric FX, Bass One-shots, Atmospheric Textures and more!
  • Chopper FX – Hair-raising 320MB load of chopped atmospheres, glitch drum loops and cutting bass and synth riffs from 120-145BPM, ready to elevate your tracks to the heavens!
  • Black SFX – Powerful 500MB library of 180+ cutting-edge SFX Samples, feat. Sidechained Sweeps, processed Crashes, piercing Sirens, energetic Lasers, driving Impacts and much more!
  • Bleep Machine – Mind-bending Selection of over 100 authentic Classic Synth FX Sounds, such as analogue Bleeps, Clongs, Swells, LFO FX, Reverses and more!
  • Razor FX – 600MB of cutting-edge Sound Effect Samples, such as Sweeps, Swells, Bleeps, Clongs, Reverses and more!

The bundle is available to purchase for £49.95 GBP (regular price individual packs £105.95 GBP).

More information: Prime Loops