Autodafe has launched a Prophet 600 instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt. This recreation of the Prophet 600 is based on samples from the famous synthesizer by Sequential Circuits.

Autodafe Prophet 600

The original Prophet 600 comes from Autodafe’s collection of analogue synths. All the original Factory Soundbanks have been sampled from the original memory of the Prophet 600.
There are 100 original presets mapped to the original presets from 00 to 99, and some additional preset created in Kontakt. 145 Patches in total.

The aim is not to 100% replicate the Prophet 600 but to capture its sounds, its controls and its characteristics adding unique features that are only possible in the digital world.

Autodafe Prophet 600 features an advanced Arpeggiator, much more powerful than the one on the original Prophet. Autodafe Prophet 600 also features a Chord Mode, Glide, Mono Mode and Unison section.
The interface of the original Prophet 600 has also been reproduced in quite some detail.

The Prophet 600 for Kontakt (full version) is available for 9.99 EUR/USD.

More information: Autodafe / Prophet 600