Puremagnetik has released three new bundles for Ableton Live, Kontakt, Logic and GarageBand.

Vintage Collection

Puremagnetik Vintage Collection
Vintage Collection, contains 7 of Puremagnetik’s old-school synthesizer libraries sourced directly from the classics of the 1970s and 80s.
Vintage Collection features

  • TeeBee – Roland® TB-303 instrument and loops.
  • Circuit:30 – “Circuits” based on Moog® synthesizers and effects.
  • Analog Bass Volume 1 – Assortment of deep analog bass instruments.
  • P-50 Linear – Sounds from Roland’s® classic 1980’s D-50 synthesizer.
  • String Machines – A collection of the great string synths from the 1970s.
  • Eight Bit – Classic Commodore 64 SID chip sounds.
  • Vintage 80’s Classics – assortment of great 1980s retro synths.

Producer Bundle

Puremagnetik Producer Bundle
Producer Bundle, a one-stop resource for Puremagnetik’s sophisticated collection of acoustic and electric instruments.
Producer Bundle features

  • Purple Kit – Custom built multi-mic maple drum kit and drum loops.
  • PM Mark One – Fender Rhodes™ electronic piano.
  • Technosphere – Sound design toolkit for composing and scoring.
  • Guitar Rack Volume 1 – Stratocaster instrument and loops.
  • Guitar Rack Volume 2 – Acoustic guitar instruments and loops.
  • PM-200 – Wurlitzer electronic piano multisample instrument.

Designer Bundle

Puremagnetik Designer Bundle
Designer Bundle, a collection of Live Packs created exclusively for Ableton Live. It includes 6 of Puremagnetik’s unique Micropaks that utilize many of the new and innovative features of the Ableton Live environment.
Designer Bundle features

  • Retroputer – Modular instrument and sequencer based on the Elektron® Monomachine.
  • Wavebase – Modular “Wavetable” instrument and Live Clips.
  • Microdrum – Classic electronic and acoustic drum sounds with built in step-sequencer.
  • RackPak – Over 100 sophisticated effects racks for Ableton Live.
  • Juice – 60 fresh and new Operator presets.
  • Elektrodrum – Versatile soundset modeled after the Elektron® Machinedrum.

The bundles are available for $60 USD each, or $90 USD for 2 bundles.

Visit Puremagnetik for more information.