Puremagnetik has released Thump Machine, a sample library that features over 700 percussives programmed to deliver the perfect bottom to your studio.

Puremagnetik Thump Machine

Thump Machine brings massive sound sculpting action to your next session, from deep, sustained dubstep basses to punchy acoustic kick drums.

Whether you are in need of kick drum replacement for a mix or just need to throw down some intense electronic pulses, Thump Machine is a versatile addition to your arsenal.

Thump Machine Ableton Live Pack is modularly constructed to allow bank and pulse selection. It also comes loaded with a library of 200 attack transients that allow you to sculpt a perfect “beater” tone.

Thump Machine for Kontakt includes a custom KSP GUI for easy sound design and tweaking. Instantly dial up the kick bank and “Character” to sculpt your tone. It also comes packed with controls for 200 attack transients and effects.

Thump Machine for Logic includes 5 drum banks with individual samples mapped chromatically throughout 6 octaves. It is programmed with Smart Controls for easy editing and sound manipulation.

Thumb Machine is now available to Spark and Century customers.

More information: Puremagnetik / Thump Machine