QuikQuak releases BarChimes

QuikQuak BarChimes

QuikQuak has announced the release of BarChimes, an accurate physics simulation of a set of Bar Chimes, which includes collisions, slides and multi-chain hits of 36 semi-tone tuned bars.

The BarChimes plug-in physically emulates a set of bar chimes, using complex kinematic physics routines. Great care has gone into translating the physics of gravity, friction, and weight of the bars, including their appearance. The sounds of the bar interactions are created using editable partials and length frequencies, including percussive hits, decay elements, and spectral alterations.

BarChimes features

  • A detailed 36 bar kinetic physics simulation.
  • Gravity, collisions and audio accurately portrayed.
  • Velocity and sweep analysis simulates user movement through the chimes.
  • Parameters for physics, pitch and time.
  • Frequency editing with fundamentals and partials.
  • Percussive rendering with decay controls.
  • Swing modulations effects.
  • Photo-realistic 3D representation and collision effects.

BarChimes is available to purchase for PC and Mac (VST/AU), priced at £20 GBP.

More information: QuikQuak

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I just bought a set of the real thing (very similar to that picture) at a local discount store for $1.99, and another windchime set with much larger tubes for $3.99 – and I’ll bet they sound 10X better than any “physics simulation” could ever achieve.



Well first of all, you’ll need to record your ‘discounted’ chimes.
And a new solid 36 bar latin/orchestral bar chimes cost a little more than $4 – these is not are not hollow garden variety pipes!
With REAL chimes can’t change lenghs (tuning), gravity or time!
With REAL chimes, you can’t change timbre or resonant partials.
These even have a dampener and a programmable wind system.