Rabbit Ears Audio Bridgett Tones

Rabbit Ears Audio has launched REA013 Bridgett Tones, two sound collections by Canada based sound recordist and game audio director Rob Bridgett.

REA013.1 Room Tones is a collection of interior background tones specifically designed for production ambience. The collection contains a wide array of rooms, halls and interiors of differing sizes, dimensions and furnishings with numerous characteristics such as HVAC, AC, subtle traffic, tone, mood and weather. Including many vacated urban and rural settings from hotels, churches & conference rooms to numerous domestic and industrial settings.

REA013.2 Air Tones is a sister collection to the Room Tones library focused on outdoor air tone. It features subtle exterior ambience beds, especially useful for post production exterior background work. The collection showcases a large variety of locations and weather conditions, from rural to urban and suburban settings.

The Bridgett Tones collections are available to purchase for $25 USD each.

More information: Rabbit Ears Audio / Bridgett Tones