Rackflip Synthesis ReFill Bundle

Rackflip has announced the release of Synthesys, a bundle of 4 ReFill libraries.

Prepare your knobs for tweaking! The Synthesys ReFill Bundle is a power-packed set of amazing synthesis tools for your rack, from the most innovative sound designers on the Reason scene.

Fire up the Blue Meanie for intense face-melting leads and tones, unleash the Beast for some vicious vintage analog bass, process and explore uncharted territory with Generations, and let Pads Essential smooth things out into a dreamy, spreadable, buttery…. thing.

Synthesys puts over 2,000 of first class synth instruments at your fingertips, for a song. This bundle will save you a sweet $60 off the regular price of these acclaimed ReFills.

Synthesys features

  • 979 Combinators, 998 Thors, 245 Malstroms, 169 Subtractors.
  • 81 Kong Drums, 6 Kong Kits.
  • 21 Rex Loops.
  • 51 NN19s.
  • 24 Reason Song Files.

The Synthesys ReFill Bundle is available to purchase for $99 USD.

More information: Rackflip