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Rayzoon releases Jamstix 1.4

Rayzoon Jamstix 1.4 VSTi

Rayzoon‘s ground-breaking virtual drummer VSTi runs synchronized with your sequencer and jams with your MIDI play (or even audio-in signal) using its innovative free jam mode where rhythms are created on-the-fly. It also offers jamming based on an extensive rhythm library as well as creating professional drum tracks complete with intro, fills and ending with its easy-to-use built-in arranger.

New in version 1.4

  • added ability to manually select snare and tom accents in the rhythm tab
  • added ‘Flip Stereo’ switch to internal engine setup
  • added ‘Closed’ event to hihat + column
  • modified various fills and accents to use 32nd notes instead of triplets for better compatibility
  • fills and accents are now auto-shuffled in shuffle mode with much improved results
  • added probability slider for hihat/ride eighths
  • added jamstix.ini option DefaultCompression (value range 0..99)
  • added separate sound slot for snare rimshots
  • created sample set for default kit snare rimshots
  • Internal sounds can now be routed to any output, not just 1-4. Sounds that are played on outputs 5-17 are not routed through the console so they have no gain control or compression within Jamstix. If a sound has an output specified that is above the current maximum output number, it will be played through output 1.
  • outputs are now named ‘JS Out x’ with x being sequential in mono and stereo modes
  • key re-mapping now also affects MIDI input triggering internal sounds
  • added numerical output in status bar for gain and compression sliders
  • added eight basic fills (names start with ‘BASIC…’)
  • added some 32nd double stroke snare accents
  • if an internal mapping sound has no ride bell sound, the engine will now automatically use the normal ride sound
  • if an internal mapping sound has crash/splash or china sounds missing, the engine will now automatically use existing cymbals instead of just silence
  • added lock icon to rhythm tab to control whether the rhythm will change based on the arrangement while the host is running and the rhythm tab is shown.
  • moved mute icon to bottom-right corner of rhythm tab.
  • added idle trigger for DFHS cache logic
  • added a warning LED in the status bar when the host is running but Jamstix is stopped
  • if an accent or fill specifies a kick at the same time as a tom, the kick will no longer be suppressed.
  • when playing MIDI data in ‘dumb’ mode, the internal engine no longer applies velocity variance
  • added ‘DSP Offset’ checkbox to mapping tab. This box should be checked only if you are using DSP-based plugins with latency and experience a synch offset. You also have to have audioM8 in the project in that case.
  • loading an arrangement now refreshes the rhythm name display
  • importing a MIDI file now causes the rhythm name to change to the file name
  • MIDI volume controller (#7) no longer moves console sliders but acts as a volume trim after the sliders
  • increased snare limb handling flexibility
  • ride bell logic has been changed so that all ride events with full velocity are played on the bell
  • ride bell logic now occurs after calculating velocity variance so that very varied ride/bell combos are possible by setting ride velocity slightly less than full
  • added ‘Tempo Filter’ automation parameter. If this value is over 50%, the tempo filtering of accents,fills, intros and endings is suspended until the parameter drops back under 50%. This is useful during gradual tempo changes where the filtering would corrupt playing fills.
  • added support for snare brushing with future BrushPak
  • added support for close stereo/no ambience sounds with certain future DrumPaks
  • added automatic close-mono sample extraction from close-stereo source for DrumPak #2 and other CS-supporting expansion paks
  • LOAD display now shows true polyphony as monophonic voices playing versus sounds playing
  • added jamstix.ini option ‘NoHostDataLoad=1’, which will keep Jamstix from loading its data from song project files. This is useful when loading a song fails due to a data problem in Jamstix.
  • for those brave ones that create their own RAF files: double-clicking on the drumset picture at the top of the Jamstix GUI will now reload the data caches without having to restart Jamstix.
  • fixed problem with data reset when adding second instance of Jamstix to a project.
  • fixed dropdown box highlighting under certain circumstances causing locking up of n-Track
  • cymbal panel eighths now play in shuffle mode
  • fixed issue with closed hihats not playing on quarters for some users (FPU rounding issue)
  • fixed ‘Back to arrangement’ light in Live during a rhythm change in Jamstix when using MIDI automation
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