Rayzoon Jamstix v2.1

Rayzoon has released version 2.2 of Jamstix, a virtual drummer VSTi plug-in for Windows PC.

This update provides new functionality, many enhancements as well as several bug fixes.

Changes in v2.2

  • Added ‘LEARN’ button to bar editor, which allows live translation of drum data received at the MIDI input into bar editor events.
  • The maximum number of parts has been raised from 18 to 72 and new arrow buttons have been added to the song sheet to scroll through them.
  • Added new bar menu item ‘Turn Groove Into A Style’, which automates the steps normally needed to do this (saving bar, loading Import style, loading saved bar).
  • Added BFD2 kit.
  • Added ‘Options’ menu to drum module mode with auto-bell (ride notes at full velocity are switched to ride bell) and auto-cymbal options (alternates Crash 1 notes among all available cymbals). These options are great for e-drum kits that have single-zone rides and a small number of cymbals pads.
  • Improved voice reduction logic.
  • Added new quickstart songs for working with groove import, Jamstix Classic and full manual mode.
  • Tons of other improvements and fixes.

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