reFuse Software Polarizer

reFuse Software has released Polarizer, a free plug-in which allows you to flip the signal polarity in your DAW.

The Polarizer flips signal polarity (misnomered often as “phase”). That’s it.

Why should you care, when so many plug-ins already include a polarity switch in them? Well, because so many DAWs do not include a polarity switch right on their mixers. This means that, instead of being able to try different polarities with ONE click of the mouse, you must open some random plug-in, hunt for the polarity switch, and then hit it.

The idea of the Polarizer is to effectively add a polarity switch to any DAW mixer. If the Polarizer is on, it’s flipping polarity. If it’s in Bypass, it’s not.

Polarizer is available as a freeware Pluggo plug-in for Mac.

Visit reFuse Software for more information.