reFUSE Software Note2Frequency

reFUSE Software has released version 0.3 of Note2Frequency, a freeware note-to-frequency converter for Mac.

A utility program for audio production. Press a note on the on-screen keyboard, and it gives you the Hz (frequency in cycles per second). It will also play a sine wave as a reference tone.

Changes in Note2Frequency v0.3

  • Now shows the frequencies of the first couple overtones, in addition to the frequency of the fundamental.
  • User interface has been cleaned up a bit, and the application now has its own icon.

reFUSE has also recently announced it is working on native versions of Lowender, a subharmonic synthesizer plug-in, reminiscent of classic analog dual-band bass enhancer circuits.

This also means, for Windows and Mac users alike, that Lowender will soon no longer require Pluggo to run.

We will be releasing VST and AudioUnit versions of Lowender at first, followed by RTAS versions. All existing Lowender users will receive the native versions, with no upgrade fees. There will also be an as-yet-undetermined price increase for the Lowender, for new purchasers.

We don’t have a release date picked yet, but we’re shooting for “by summertime”. Stay tuned, true believers…

Visit reFUSE Software for more information.