reFX Kamui, Future Arps & FM expansions for Nexus 2

reFX has released Kamui, Future Arps, and FM, three new expansions for Nexus 2, a synthesizer instrument plug-in for Windows and Mac.

New Nexus 2 expansions

  • Kamui — The term ‘awesome’ has to be redefined: The expansion Kamui offers you 131 extremely crazy, weird, dark – really ‘awesome’ electro and techno sounds. Presets modulated beyond the extreme – your modwheel will be smoking! Numerous arps and sequences make your mind go wild with creativity.
  • Future Arps — The El Dorado for all producers of HandsUp / Electro! Future Arps gives you access to 128 presets containing sounds and rhythms of the latest Electro / Dance hits – arpeggios and sequences with brand new sounds, mixed and ready for use. Of course, you can also switch off the ARP and create melodies of your own – but you won’t want to…
  • FM — FM is back – 200 presets revive the sound of an era that was popular especially in the 80s. From synth-pop to electro house, the possibilities are endless. FM synthesis stands out and spices up your productions with unique sounds. This FM library is essential and should be part of your collection!

The Kamui, Future Arps & FM expansions are available to purchase for 69.99 EUR each.

More information: reFX