reFX has updated their next generation rom synthesizer NEXUS to version 1.3.5.

Updated in v1.3.5

  • New features:
    • Filter- and Amp-Modifier can now also be locked and switched off globaly, just like the master-filter, the master-delay and the reverb can.
  • Fixes:
    • The voice-stealing was too conservative which resulted in clicking. The new approach is absolutly click-free, but could increase performance usage slightly.
    • The trance-gate was prone to clicking in certain cases.
    • Internal optimization and minor bug fixes.

reFX also released Stratosphere & Bass, two new expansions for NEXUS.

reFX NEXUS Stratosphere expansion

From the Stratosphere page:

Extremely dense pads, full of life, unbelievable filtersweeps, endless atmospheres – all of this is the basis of the stratosphere expansion! Also numerous unique sounds, such as human whistling or bottle blows, are found here. This expansion makes massive use of the new features introduced in Nexus 1.3 like the poly-arp. Get ready to take off!

reFX NEXUS Bass expansion

From the Bass page:

Low basses, squealing basses, fat basses, slim basses, distorted basses, pulsating basses… Here, they are all united and make the hearts of electro fans beat faster! Also recommended for trance – these basses will make the dance floor vibrate!

Both expansions contain 128 sounds and cost $69.99 USD each.

Visit reFX for more information.