VRSonic has released a public beta (v1.0b1) of VibeStudio, a 3D spatial audio design suite that provides the ability to both create dynamic audio content and compose spatial audio scenes.

VibeStudio is a professional spatial audio design suite comprised of four applications: Config, Profiler, VibeWorks, and VibeStation. All four applications rest on top of the complex modeling and rendering engine SoundScape3D.

VRSonic VibeWorks

VRSonic VibeWorks screenshot

VibeWorks is a spatial sound design application for the creation of SoundScape3D audio scene elements like vibes, random sound fields, sound nets, flock controllers, and scripts. These elements are used to compose highly dynamic and interactive immersive audio environments. Scene elements are imported into VibeStation where they compose scenes or environments.

VibeStation is a first of its kind virtual sonic environment design and runtime application. It provides a comprehensive editing suite for creating and incorporating spatial audio content into exhibition, lecture, immersive theater, or simulation systems.

Config is the advanced configuration tool for SoundScape3D. It can be used to control many of the operational aspects of SoundScape3D.

Profiler is a tool that is used to customize the auditory display for individual users.

For a limited time you can download the beta version of VibeStudio 1.0b1 for free.

Visit VRSonic for more information.