Terry West releases VocEqPro v1.6

Terry West VocEqPro

Terry West has released VocEqPro v1.6, a freeware special vocal equalizer VST effect plugin.

VocEqPro comes in two versions, VOCEQPRO and VOCEQPRO-C, which includes a compressor effect.


  • 4 bands mono Vocal equalizer
  • 65Hz ~ 7K (15K)
  • Gender presets for male – female – default (- off VocEqPro-C only)
  • 8 patch presets
  • Boost modes: Pre-Mid-Air
  • Gender attenuation controls
  • Auto-limiter on main output with limit-led (VocEqPro-C only)
  • Smooth compressor with Attack-Release-Ratio-Threshold and on/off controls (VocEqPro-C only)
  • Vu-meters with zoom buttons
  • For use on mono vocal tracks

Download VocEqPro below (both versions included in the archive)

VocEqPro v1.6 Download size: 1.87 MB

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john morales
john morales

Great Idea, straightforward gui – can’t wait to use it.



Chris Ilett
Chris Ilett

This is about the best plugin I have used. Just amazing. Thanks.


This is the best voice plugin i have ever seen.
people should use it much! I love it.


Not impressed. When I click in the limiter it makes me sound like I have a bad case of constipation. The eq does nothing more, and even less, than most of my plugins.