Terry West releases Steady


Terry West has released Steady, a freeware auto leveler VST effect plugin (think expander/limiter with some special EQ enhancing).

Terry West Steady

Steady features

  • Three selectable level-models
  • Bypass function
  • Gain slider
  • Mono and stereo versions included

This plugin works on some mixes but does magic on vocals and instruments.

Download the zip package below.

Updated: v0.6, now includes 2-bands EQ and Autogain function

Steady v0.6 Download size: 1.47 MB

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Wyken Seagrave
Wyken Seagrave

Works fine with Cakewalk Sonar 5. Much better than using Levelator, which is what Evo Terra recommends for authors podcasting on Podiobooks. I’ve recommended it to them.

Thanks for creating it!