Cableguys is back with a new plugin! Similar to the previously released Nicky Romero Kickstart sidechain type volume automation tool, HalfTime is a plugin that offers another popular production trick in an easy to use, affordably priced package.

HalfTime is the foolproof plugin for those seeking half-speed/slow-down effects. It works in real time, so can be applied to samples, loops, virtual instruments or even a live audio input.

The plugin is based on the algorithms in our TimeShaper effect, though it also has some special features for refining the half-speed effect.

If you’ve ever used Cableguys plugins before, you will feel right at home with HalfTime’s interface, which is clear and to the point.

Cableguys HalfTime screen

In the top we find 9 loop length buttons, from 1/16 all the way up to 16 bars. Depending on the loop length, your groove can retain its original timing, get stretched to half speed, or you can create completely new rhythms.

A large button in the middle of the interface activates the half-time effect. There are sliders on both sides for setting fade in and fade out times, with values from instant up to 8 bars. Three different modes are available. The 2x mode is the regular half-time effect, 4x is quarter speed and 1.5x gives you the triplet/swing feel. This mode also gives perfect-fifth harmonies when used on melodic material.

In the bottom there’s a Smooth knob. Lower values save transients, which is great for drums and percussive sounds, and high values avoids clicks and pops with sustained sounds. It can even go up to 500ms, allowing you to do some creative effects like swells.

If you want to process just a specific part of the frequency range, a familiar band split lets you select the frequencies somewhere between 25Hz and 17.5kHz.
A mix knob set the dry and wet output balance.

And that’s it, plain and simple!

Take a look at Cableguys intro video below for a quick overview.

So what do I think?

It seems Cableguys has produced another winner. For people looking to get that half-time effect, this is instant gratification. Easy to use, great results, nice price. What’s not to like?

For those who already own TimeShaper, it may seem like HalfTime doesn’t really offer anything new. While you can certainly use TimeShaper to create half-time effects, HalfTime refines things a bit by including percussive and sustain Smooth modes as well as extensive fade in/out control.

You can automate loop length and mode, fade times, the band split and everything else to create some really interesting effects with little effort. A perfect tool to get your creative juices flowing!

HalfTime for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available from Plugin Boutique, priced at just 10 EUR/$12 USD. A free trial version is available for download.

More information: Cableguys HalfTime