RNDigital Finis 3

RNDigital has released Finis 3, a transparent and dynamic 3-Band peak limiter plug-in.

The Finis 3 is a 3-band peak limiter that is a new approach for multi band peak limiting due to RNDigital’s superb FIR filter technology providing an excellent separation of three bands without phase shift on the crossover frequencies. The Finis 3 does consist of 3 independent peak limiters operating separately on each of the bands as well as one central peak limiter controlling the sum of all bands. The Finis 3 is based on RNDigital’s excellent Finis Brick-Wall Peak Limiter and FIR Filter Band-Splitting Technology.

Finis 3 features

  • 3 Band FIR Filter
  • Crest Dynamic Metering
  • 3 Peak Limiters
  • Easy Operation
  • Clip Control
  • Summing Limiter
  • Dithering

Finis 3 is available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) for $249 USD. The plug-in is also included in bundles.

Visit RNDigital for more information.