Rob Papen has announced Native Instruments NKS support for its BLUE-II, RAW, Blade, RG and Subboombass synthesizer instruments.

We are happy to announce that five of our instruments are now compatible with the NI NKS system. This means comfortable and tactile use of our instruments with Machine and Komplete Kontrol hardware.

There will be a range of videos released in which Rob explains why he added the various controls for each instrument. Please check out the first video detailing the NKS system in use with SubBoomBass here

Also added are preset ‘tags’ for our instruments and this was a lot of work, for example BLUE-II has over 4400 presets!

The instruments Punch and Punch-BD will follow later this month and of course you might wonder about Predator.
Well, with Predator we will wait on making it compatible with NKS because of Predator 2.0
The simple reason for this is, that Predator also has over 4000 presets and tagging we only want to do once…

The updated plugins are available from the ‘My products’ at the Rob Papen website.

More information: Rob Papen