Roland announces TD-20KX and TD-4KX

Roland TD-20KX

Roland has announced two new models in the V-Drums V-Compact Series: TD-20KX and TD-4KX.

The new TD-20KX V-Pro series makes a full-impact impression onstage with its industrial brushed-metal* V-Pads, enlarged V-Kick, silver-colored V-Cymbals, and rock-solid chrome drum rack. The TD-20X drum module is loaded with hundreds of powerful and expressive sounds, and provides a newly integrated feature set that’s based on Roland’s famous TD-20 and TDW-20. Eye-catching looks, incredible sounds, and reinforced hardware make the TD-20KX a star on any stage.

TD-20KX features

  • Latest sounds and improved dynamics for a supremely natural, powerful drumming experience.
  • Integrated feature set based on TD-20 and TDW-20.
  • New V-Pads and V-Kick with attractive brushed-metal look.
  • New silver-colored V-Cymbals® and V-Hi-Hat®.
  • Custom covering system (interchangeable shell-wraps for V-Kick and V-Pads).
  • Newly designed hardware provides enhanced stability, style, and flexible mounting options.
Roland TD-4KX

The TD-4K is Roland’s most affordable all mesh head V-Drums kit to date.

Based on the popular TD-4K kit, the new TD-4KX takes the best of the past — outstanding feel, versatility, and affordability — and spices it up with newly developed 6.5-inch mesh pads for high toms.

TD-4KX features

  • New 6.5-inch mesh pads for high toms.
  • PDX-8 for floor tom.
  • High-quality dynamic sounds.
  • Easy editing with customizable tuning and muffling.
  • Coach function for building skills and technique.
  • Expandable with an optional pad or CY-12R/C ride-cymbal replacement.
  • Compatible with optional VH-11 V-Hi-Hat® to mount on conventional hi-hat stands.
  • Cable harness and DB-25 connector provided for fast, clean cable connection.

The TD-20KX and TD-4KX are scheduled for release in September 2009.

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Roland is out of their freakin’ minds. $8K would buy an absolutely primo real drumkit, mesh heads for it, drum triggers, and a MIDI sound / interface module (I have an Alesis DM Pro) and still have thousands left over. Plus, after you’re done, you can actually play your kit for more than 10 minutes without pain shooting thru your hands like the way it does with the Roland stuff. The bounce is really awkward and unnatural of these Roland drums and it throws my timing off, as does the lack of rigidity in the frame (which also makes it… Read more »


yes, the set is WAY over priced! but on the other side of that, for at least the module itself, its definitly the best on the market. I own the td20 module w/hart mesh pads. blows away every other brain Ive ever tried and I tride them all. Its the same with all studio gear! Nuemann, A.K.G., Toft audio, SSL, all of it. for that xtra 5% nicer your gonna pay more than tripple. Is it worth it? tell it to the people who rent the studio.[I have a recording studio in Humboldt]They look in the mags, {sweetwater, musicians friend,… Read more »


Roland is not “the best.” Roland has never been the best, and never will be the best. Like everything else Roland makes, the TD20 samples are rather poor, drenched in reverb and lacking definition and snap, especially on the snares. Just because something is the most expensive does not make it “the best.” Take guitars for example, the Les Paul is the most expensive, but very far from the best. They should call it the LESS Paul because its design hasn’t changed in 50 years and it lacks all the modern innovations most guitars, even cheap ones, have today. Another… Read more »

Mauro Gentile
Mauro Gentile

So, what would be good for me?
I’m beginning to play but i want the most realistic play for de minimum amount.
What do you recommend me?

Thx in adv.