Plugin Boutique is offering a 30% discount on ROLI’s Equator2, a revolutionary MPE synthesizer that lets you create and sculpt any sound imaginable using a vast collection of contemporary synthesis techniques, effects and modulators.

Explore an extensive, diverse library of presets, as well as carefully recorded multi-samples. Push the boundaries of expressive sound design with Equator2.

Six fully flexible source slots let you build unique sounds, drawing on a wide range of synthesis engines. A wavetable oscillator with a library of bespoke waveforms combined with a high-resolution multi-sampler, a granular engine, FM and more to provide an infinite palette of sounds and textures.

Equator2 features

  • Over 1300 Presets: Includes 530 MPE presets, and 848 built for conventional controllers.
  • Waveforms: 244 new wavetables, 5 VA waveforms, 44 digital Equator1 waveforms, 42 new multisample instruments with 220 variations and articulations, as well as easy drag and drop of your own samples.
  • 6 Flexible Sources: Choose from up to 6 instances of 4 source types: Wavetable, Granular, Multi-Sampler, Noise.
  • Extensive Modulation: 5 expression curves, 5 LFOs, 2 multi-mod, 5 envelopes, 4 math and 4 random modules, and an intuitive click & drag modulation system.
  • Creative Effects: 12 fully flexible slots, with 15 premium effects.
  • Routing: Multiple signal routing possibilities through filters and effects.
  • Free Motion Waves Soundpack (30 x MPE & 30 x Standard presets).

Regularly $249 USD, the Equator2 synth for Windows and Mac (VST3/AU) is on sale for $174 USD until May 1st, 2023.

More information: ROLI