Sample Magic SM101

Sample Magic has introduced its new SM101 series of sample packs with the release of 4 new titles.

Sample Magic proudly present their new imprint – SM101: compact collections featuring 101 samples in a variety of styles or genres.

From bass basics to dynamic drums, fills to FX. SM101 achieves award-winning quality, streamlined.

SM101 packs

  • Electro Leads – 101 speaker-slaying electro leads primed for dancefloor destruction: Parisien piledrivers, Dutch invaders, overdriven 303 rampagers and monosynth manglers that run the blurred line between nu-rave, up-front electro and old skool techno.
  • Club Kicks – 101 massive kicks custom-engineered for the mainroom. Pumped, punchy and loaded with sonic character, each and every kick has passed through Sample Magic’s famed channel strip to ensure they pack maximum oomph to power house, electro, techno and tech-house tracks alike.
  • Disco House Drums – 101 disco-infused house drum loops seamlessly merging funky live drums with contemporary house programming: classic disco snares, organic percussive rhythms and vintage drum machine grooves, all pitched at 125 and 127bpm to nail the current disco-house genre du jour.
  • Drum Fills – Smorgasbord of 101 no-holds-barred drum fills for virtually all electronic genres: vintage-inspired live fills loaded with funky-style drumming, glitch and tech fills packed with processed circuitry and glitched electronics, plus electronic fills of pumped 80s drum machinery, all offered at 128bpm.

SM101 Electro Leads and Disco House Drums are available to purchase from Sounds To Sample for 15.90 EUR each, Club Kicks is 12.90 EUR, and Drum Fills is 11.90 EUR.

More information: Sounds To Sample