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Sample Modeling updates Mr. Sax T to v1.02 and The Trumpet to v2.01a

Samplemodeling The Trumpet

Samplemodeling has released version 1.02 of Mr. Sax T., and version 2.01a of The Trumpet, two virtual instruments powered by Kontakt Player 2.

Changes in Mr. Sax T v1.02

  • Symmetrical (“keyboard-like”) and asymmetrical (“natural”) PitchBend behaviour.
  • Improved “bite”-vibrato for EWI wind controllers.
  • Transpose window (MIDI transpose function, not accessible via the Kontakt Tune or Transpose controls).
  • Instrument range extended to D#5 (sounding).
  • Optimized DynPitch default response.
  • DynPitch controlled by CC8.
  • All_Note_Off button (if “on”, produces all note off on CC120-121-123).
  • Improved legato/portamento behaviour, especially on larger legato intervals.
  • New Portamento Time mode (3 modes: Velocity, CC5, CC5 inv, for various wind controllers).

Changes in The Trumpet v2.01a

  • The progressive increase of the CPU load is no longer present.
  • Legato now optimally works with all Wind Controllers.

Visit Samplemodeling for more information, video trailers and some audio demos.

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