SampleScience has announced a sale on Famidrums, offering 35% off on the Nintendo 8-bit inspired drum machine for a limited time only.

SampleScience FamiDrums

The plugin features 30 different drum kits from the NES soundchip dpcm sample player as well as his noise/triangle synth and is available in Windows and Mac compatible plugin format (VST/AU).

Famidrums is a sample based drum machine featuring the sounds of the Nintendo Entertainment System sound chip (more precisely, its DPCM sampler and triangle/noise oscillators). The drum sounds included have been extracted from games while others have been converted using classic analog drum machines as source.

Accurate software emulation of the NES sound chip has been used to get that original crunchy drum sounds typical of classic games such as Super Mario Bros 3, Lifeforce, Super C and Kid Icarus.

Famidrums is on sale for only $11.69 USD until Sunday, March 25th (12:00PM, Eastern Time).

More information: SampleScience